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Friday, February 22, 2013

New! 5 Day Pouch Test Support


If you already have the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual but need some additional encouragement and dietary support this bundle is for you. Improve your odds for success with this bundle of 27 servings of proven dietary support products. Our dietary supplements are carefully selected to fuel your 5DPT, promote weight loss, and help you get back on track with WLS.

5 Day Pouch Test Support Bundle!

Enjoy the benefits of 27 carefully selected delicious servings to support your weight loss goals.

Bundle includes 6 servings herbal tea w/sweetener; 8 servings carb monster soup your choice of Hearty-Vegetable or Tomato-Basil; 6 servings Protein2Go Drink Mix; 7 servings Emergen-C; complimentary Goody Bag and helpful suggestions for using dietary support products with the 5DPT.

Bundle Price $25.95

Select Soup Flavor:
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List price: $29.95
Bargain Bundle Price: $25.95 - Save $4

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