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Friday, February 08, 2013

Protein First: It's a Really Big Deal!

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February Theme:
Long-term weight management with WLS requires a life-long commitment to a high protein diet. Rule #1 Protein First: It works.

"After any bariatric surgery our nutritional focus must be following Rule #1: Protein First. That is how we can lose weight after a surgical gastric procedure and that is how we can maintain a healthy weight. Most of us need 100 grams or more of protein a day. By the time we eat that before anything else there is little pouch real estate to surrender to simple carbs and empty calories. Protein First: it works immediately after surgery and it sustains us for life." ~ Kaye Bailey

A protein-rich diet can lead to increased satiety, enhanced weight loss, and improved body composition.

Greetings from Kaye:
Happy heart health month to you! I hope this newsletter finds you well and Living after WLS!  This February bulletin addresses dietary protein as it fits in our "Protein First" post-WLS diet.  An abundance of proof exists that shows when our protein intake drops weight loss stalls and weight gain may occur. The "Protein First" rule must be followed with some rigor well beyond the so-called honeymoon period of weight loss. In order to sustain a healthy weight we must eat a high protein diet. I don't know of anyone with WLS who has not, at some point, struggled to follow a high protein diet. I've gone through spells where animal protein was repulsive to me so I had to supplement my nutritional intake with protein bars and shakes. If you struggle now and again with the high protein diet take a look at the articles in this newsletter to learn why protein is so important and how to increase your intake of protein.

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