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Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 2014: Unit 6 - Sensational Soup

Thank you for joining me in today's Project 2014 newsletter, one to warm your body and soul. Today it is all about soup! We explore the health benefits of comforting soup and the role this long-standing comfort food serves in the weight loss surgery diet. A good cup of soup can be a life-line on a cold day or when the stomach needs soothing. A soup rich in vegetables will tame any carb cravings and keep us full for hours. The Unit assignments are easy and rewarding: make a list of your favorite soups and add one new soup recipe to your weekly menu.

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Speaking of assignments, how are you progressing with Units 1-5? By now we should all have our binder prepared and Units 1 through 5 printed and organized. We should have completed our Winter Season LivingAfterWLS Self Assessment. In addition, we need to be taking a moment each day to celebrate a "Today Inspired" moment. Assignments from Unit 4 include comparing the standard Four Rules to our specific post-surgical guidelines and noting how they fit with our weight management plan. The Unit 5 assignment has us list our vitamin supplementation and answer key  questions about our current vitamin protocol.
Visit this webpage to find all of the previously issued Project 2014 learning Units for Season 1: Winter  LivingAfterWLS Project 2014

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