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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project 2014: Units 4 & 5. Download & Do Tasks this week!

Thank you for joining me in this second newsletter for our LivingAfterWLS Project 2014. We apologize to those of you who received this email on Sunday (2/16/2014). A technical glitch caused the coding to overwrite itself and many received a cryptic letter mixing words and code making it illegible. We hope the glitch is fixed now and you are seeing a clean letter! (My fingers are crossed!)

Today we look at Units 4 and 5 of Project 2014. Unit 4 covers the universally accepted WLS Four Rules and Unit 5 takes a look at vitamin supplementation. They are summarized here, but be sure to click the download for the full articles and your Unit Assignments.

Jump to the Download: Units 4 and 5

By now we should all have our binders prepared and Units 1, 2, and 3 printed and organized. We should be near completion with Unit 2 assignment, LivingAfterWLS Self Assessment. In addition, we need to be taking a moment each day to celebrate a "Today Inspired" moment. In case you missed Units 1, 2, and 3 we've included a quick look at each Unit and links to the download.

Project Mission:
Empowering individuals to harness their inner strengths for life-long weight management with weight loss surgery. Personal empowerment through education, thought, community support, and validation. We are LivingAfterWLS.
Our dedicated Facebook group has more than 350 members now! It is not required that you join the Facebook group, we have many silent participants in Project 2014. But if Facebook is your thing come on over and join us. For convenience all PDF files issued in association with this project are located under the FILES tab within the group. I wish to say Welcome and Thanks to everyone who has already joined our LAWLS Project 2014 on Facebook. The group is off and running pursuing our collective goals: please join us follow the link below:

LAWLS Project 2014 Facebook Group

Like us on Facebook 
If you are eager to join us please click the link above through your Facebook account and request membership in this group. Once your membership is accepted please take these steps to begin your engagement in this supportive and empowering group:

1. Read the Code of Conduct (under Files) and initial your agreement.
2. Open the file Winter_Units1_2_3.pdf and learn the project structure. Print the .pdf file for your personal use. (Hint - print on 3-hole paper if available!)
3. Dedicate a 3-Ring binder to the documents and worksheets (suggested binder tabs are listed on page 6). Do the tasks assigned in Units 2 and 3. Share your thoughts, experience, and encouragement with the group.
Let's get this project started! I look forward to sharing 2014 with you!


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