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Friday, May 16, 2014

Project 2014: Connect with like-minded Friends

Peer Support:
Facebook Groups
We enjoy high caliber membership and positive support in our active Facebook groups: 5 DAY POUCH TEST SUPPORT Group and the LivingAfterWLS Project 2014 Group. The 5DPT group actively supports, educates, and encourages people using the 5DPT correctly as a tool to get back to the basics of WLS post-op living. For sustained support turn to LAWLS Project 2014. We are actively empowering individuals to harness their inner strengths for life-long weight management with weight loss surgery. Personal empowerment through education, thought, community support, and validation. We are LivingAfterWLS. (Please note both groups are closed and require membership admittance by an administrator before participation is allowed. Please review the Facebook terms of service to understand the conditions of a closed group and join us today!)

"This is my second day on the 5 Day Pouch Test and I can already feel the difference. I was dreading to try it, but it is just fine. I am not starving! My pouch still works!"~ CKC
"I did this program (5DPT) and lost 12 pounds. It's amazing and my pouch felt tight and eliminated carb cravings. I am starting it again Monday to remind myself how good it is. Then proceeding to move forward with the tools I was given after surgery and not eat snacky foods like I was. Love it. Thanks Kaye. Most of all this makes your get back to the basics and the purpose for going through surgery.~ FT
"I'm on day 5. Just a HAPPY reminder folks...It's only 5 feel awesome to feel fresh, to feel renewed! You can do this. FIVE days ONLY!"~  EEH
"With the support of Project 2014 the best change I've made to my health this year is remembering the 4 rules; Protein FIRST, LOTS of water, NO snacking and Daily Exercise." ~ KMMW
"With the support of Project 2014 the best change I've made to my health this year is to remember that I am not alone in my struggles and that with the help of others I can reach my personal goals."~ LD
"With the support of Project 2014 the best change I've made to my health this year is to reach out for help when I can't do it alone." ~ JG-P

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