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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Inspired Reminders: Shake the Wiggles Out!

Have you checked your Inbox for today's LivingAfterWLS Inspired Reminders bulletin? It's a great spring issue just blooming with helpful hints for putting more joy-inducing motion in our day. Make sure you are subscribed to receive every free email publication hot off the press delivered to your inbox. Link here: LivingAfterWLS Newsletters

You can also find today's bulletin online in our archive: Spring is Here! Let's Shake the Wiggles Out

Spring is Here: Let's shake the wiggles out!


Thank you for your time as you join me in this Inspired Reminders bulletin from LivingAfterWLS. I just love this image of a wild zebra rolling with abandon stirring up dust. Without scruples the zebra rolls and kicks and shakes for one reason: it feels good. Truthfully, I'm just a little bit jealous of that free-spirited feeling evoked by a simple act from one of nature's most beautiful creatures.

To satisfy my jealousy in today's newsletter we take a look at ways we can add the joy of motion to our day and drink up the joy with pure abandon. After surgery when we talk about exercise there is often perception and expectation that exercise means a full-out effort in a structured manner or it doesn't count. But the truth is, little bouts of motion and energy bursts have tremendous positive effect on our health, our weight loss, and our mental well being. Featured today is a look at Wiggle Therapy one of my favorites!), a review of beneficial stretching, and an easy walking guide. You will also find a terrific weeknight recipe for Tuna Pasta Primavera and a link-summary of popular posts from the LivingAfterWLS Blog.

Thank you for your time and I wish you good feelings when you take time to shake the wiggles out!

Kaye Bailey

Go to the newsletter online:  Spring is Here! Let's Shake the Wiggles Out

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