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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Revealed: Leading cause of weight regain after WLS

Leading cause of regain: Drinking Liquid with Meals

Generally speaking bariatric patients are instructed to cease consumption of liquids 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after eating. In addition they are told to refrain from drinking beverages with meals. The liquid restrictions are intended to keep mealtime focus on a high protein diet of lean animal, dairy and vegetable protein. The high protein food fills the gastric pouch and sustains satiation best when liquid is absent.

When we consume beverages with our lean protein meal the food is washed through the gastric pouch before fully digested. Nutrients are lost as food is washed away and hunger returns more quickly. As we advance following weight loss surgery we tend to relax the liquid restrictions because it is not comfortable to eat food without liquid and dinner conversation is difficult with a dry mouth. An occasional small sip of water with meals may be acceptable and is unlikely to cause weight gain. However the return to full drinking with meals almost always leads to a weight loss plateau or eventually weight gain.

Citrus Juice Pucker Up!

In between meals we need to drink abundant water to promote hydration and flush excess fat and toxins from the body helping to lose weight and keep kidneys functioning properly. But water can become monotonous. Consider this strategy from Katie Lee author of The Comfort Table:
"Citrus is my secret weapon. Squeeze the juice or sprinkle zest over vegetables instead of using extra oil, butter, or salt. You can saute spinach with just a teaspoon of oil, and then add a little citrus juice for a lot of flavor without a lot of calories."  Health Benefit: Oranges, Lemons, Limes, and tangerines offer antioxidant compounds called limonoids that activate detoxifying enzymes."

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