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Friday, May 06, 2005

12-Week Post WLS Walking Plan

Week 1: Take two 5-minute walks every day. Week one begins as soon as you are released from the hospital. Because of your recent major surgery and your past sedentary habits you may have poor endurance. By starting with 5-minute walks you will not become exhausted or discouraged, you will begin to build strength!

Week 2: Take two 7-minute walks every day. Go at your own pace. If at the end of 7 minutes you feel like walking further continue, but no more than 10-minute intervals. You are getting stronger! Congratulations!

Week 3: Take two 10-minute walks every day. Your abdomen will be healing now, concentrate on your posture! Good posture allows muscles to be used more efficiently! For more on good posture see Chapter 6.

Week 4: Take two 15-minute walks every day at your own pace! Congratulations – you are meeting your 30 minutes of exercise each day! Doesn’t it feel great?

Weeks 5-8: Gradually shift from two daily 15-minute walks to one walking session of 30 minutes each day! Make sure as you transition from two short walks to one long walk that your total walking time for the day equals 30 minutes. For example, one 20 minute walk and one ten minute walk. Walk proudly, swing those arms and applaud yourself! You are doing an excellent thing for your physical and mental health.

Weeks 9-12: By now you have healed from your surgery, you are experiencing great success with your weight loss. It is time to pick up the pace and cover more distance in your 30 minutes of daily walking. Try each day to walk just a little bit further. Step proudly and get moving – you are going to love how good you feel!

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