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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Raising Children After We've Had WLS

We have spoken before about the dilemma for parents having gastric bypass and raising children. One of the concerns always expressed, “What can I do to keep my child from eventually having to undergo weight loss surgery? How can I raise a healthy child in the Living After WLS lifestyle?

Here's a shout-out to Katherine Prouty over at LowCarbFreedom. Click the link for her index to LowCarbKids. Essentially, the gastric bypass diet is low carb, and Katherine is proving that healthy children can be raised in a low carb lifestyle. I particularly like this quote from the mom who has lost 50 pounds following a low-carb lifestyle: “I am doing a MUCH better job with my daughter than with my son. My daughter wants to listen and my son lives for white bread and everything that is unhealthy, and I give in too much.”

Katherine is a real person living in the real world. Her content reflects just that.

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