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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Organizing Your Vitamin Cocktail

I, like most gastric bypass patients, struggle to take all of my vitamins at one time. Another problem I have, if I try to take them throughout the day, is remembering what I’ve taken and what I’ve not yet taken.

Years ago a fellow WLS friend told me her secret and I’ve been using it ever since with success.

Once every other week she sorts her vitamins in a muffin pan: 1 days worth in each muffin cup plus two extra piles for a total of 14 days worth. She then packages them by the day in snack sized zippy bags and tosses one her in handbag on the way out the door each morning. By having her custom supplement cocktail packaged for the day she, and now I, are able to pace taking the vitamins and get everything we need for nutritional balance after WLS.

How do you accomplish taking your vitamin cocktail regularly?

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