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Friday, May 13, 2005

“I Want My Mind to Follow”

Today I received a great email from one of our readers over at the website. She wrote,
“I'm grateful to find your website. On January 19, 2005 I had lap Band surgery. I have been very successful to date with a loss of 25 pounds. Recently I've realized that my "affair" with food is attempting to regain my attention. I'm doing everything possible to give that "infant" tummy the same attention today that I did the first 10 weeks. Finding your story has reminded me of my intentions and has helped me come back to reality. I finally have my body on my side and I want my mind to follow!”

Her words, “I finally have my body on my side and I want my mind to follow!” rang so honest and true with me I am inspired to share them with you. I was reminded of my own mental struggle during the growth process after gastric bypass. It was a woman at a support group whose gentle words helped me get my mind to follow.

Speaking to our group she said, “There was a time when I, too, felt angry and punished by my weight loss surgery,” she began. “But one day I realized, weight loss surgery is part of a new lifestyle, not a regimen and not a punishment.” She explained that as a morbidly obese person – she had lost 130 pounds - she was a slave to the poor health, poor habits and low self-esteem that perpetuated her obesity. She said the day she realized she was no longer a slave to the shackles of obesity she was able to liberate herself. She embraced her new lifestyle, not as a regimen or punishment, but as a means to better everyday living. We were skeptical, and we didn’t applaud. But then she made her final pitch. “If we suffered from a life-threatening illness – and morbid obesity is life-threatening – and medical science said I will give you a tool to help you treat your life-threatening disease, but you are responsible to use that tool to achieve total success – would you settle for 50 percent as good enough?”

To read the full post link: Rock Bottom: Was WLS a huge mistake?

Thanks, Pam, for your inspiration today.

Best wishes,

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