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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Introducing: Living After WLS Success Stories

Happy May Day, Dear Readers!

Today I'm excited and pleased to announce a new addition to the site:

Success Stories After WLS

These are stories by real people who are Living After Weight Loss Surgery. Gastric bypass isn't just about weight loss, it's a chance to reclaim our lives for better health, wellness and happiness without being slaves to morbid obesity. WLS is not a quick fix for obesity; it is an effective long term tool for controling weight and health.

Read & Be Inspired.

Now, I've posted my lengthy (sorry) story as the first entry - but I'm looking for more success stories. If you are out of surgery six weeks, six years, sixteen years, I want to hear from you. To share your story Email me

I've posted Judy H. Wright's article Write "Your" Slice of Life: 6 Quick and Easy Steps to Writing a Personal Essay for some great tips on getting started with your success story.

I've never grown tired of hearing great success stories and I'm looking forward to reading yours.

Thanks & Enjoy!

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