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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Soup: A Do or a Don’t after WLS?

The school of thought is split when it comes to opinions about eating soup after gastric bypass surgery. One teams says no soup for you! Too much liquid, not enough solid food to satiate or provide nutrition. The other team says soup is a great palatable source of protein and nutrients.

I am sitting between the two teams on the “Select Soups Wisely” fence. I happen to love soup, particularly in the winter. Broth soups with animal protein and soft-cooked vegetables and a little bit of rice or pasta are my favorites. Bisque, Chowders or cream soups are deadly to me and avoided at all cost. In fact, the worst dumping episode I ever suffered was following the best lobster bisque I’d ever had in my life. It was almost worth dying over, and believe me, I thought I was dying during that dumping episode.

If you are in the soup eaters category here are a few points to consider when making a soup selection:

  • Clear broth soups are better than cream based soups after gastric bypass surgery.
  • Be suspicious of pureed soups, such as a puree of squash. Often heavy cream or sour cream are used to give the soup creaminess. Creams contain lactose, the predominant sugar in milk products that causes dumping for many WLS patients.
  • Animal protein should be the primary ingredient: fish, chicken, beef or pork.
  • Vegetable protein, particularly beans (think chili) is a healthy choice, but measured servings are best to avoid discomfort from over-eating the pouch.
  • Soups are a great way to include vegetables in the diet such as carrots, peas, onions, celery, tomatoes. Some vegetable soups that include cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower may cause uncomfortable gas and bloating. Beans or legume soups may also cause gas and bloating.
  • Grains and pasta can be included in soups sparingly.
  • When eating soup take the “good stuff” first, the protein and the vegetables. It’s perfectly fine to leave the broth in the bowl – little children may be starving in foreign countries, but your broth will not do them any good. You have permission to leave it in the bowl.
  • Crackers or bread may be enjoyed with soup – in moderation.
I’ve updated the recipe section to include some of my favorite soup recipes.

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