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Thursday, September 04, 2008

DishNetwork & DirectTV Suffer Service Standards

Hello Neighbors!

Normally I do not use this space to voice my concerns or complaints about commerce.

However: I am fed up! I am exasperated with "customer support" and "call centers" to be exact. Where o'where has the service gone?

We have recently been Dish Network customers: disappointed by their highly inferior customer service and disinterest in customer satisfaction. Calls for help are put on hold or answered by non-English speaking people: or worse? Dropped. Call for help? Go talk to the boy who cried wolf - he has better advice. I get the message, "Screw you, you stupid paying customer."

In June we changed to Direct TV, our experience with Dish Network so disappointing. A sweetheart in the Midwest promised (with a drawl) "Oh honey: we never outsource our support calls." Oh honey? What is it in the south that makes your blatant lies so convincing?

So tonight we are having technical difficulty with DirectTV: we have a signal on one receiver; snowy signal on the other. I held the phone for more than 27 minutes listening to trashy low-rent porn music when calling the proudly provided "customer service" number. Minute 28? The call was dropped. Funny thing? I tried calling the same number with another phone, one not on the account. Go figure? Got transferred to a "sales representative" within 30 seconds. When I explained my technical difficulty with a paying account a surprising thing happened: the call got dropped. "Can you hear me now?"

They dropped the call from a paying (friggin' PAYING) customer.

DishNetwork or DirectTV? One in the same. Great sales staff. Technical problems: goodbye consumer! Just send us your check and then go to the black hole.

Fix it folks. Dish and Direct: get your crap together.

American Consumers! Take it to Congress. Sue the crap out of corporate America.
I'm sick of it. Don't transfer my damn call. Give me what I'm paying for.

Fix it. Put a sensible person on your desk and teach them to answer calls. Don't put me on hold. Let me know that my reliable payment is worth more than a hope and a prayer your service is going to work for me.

Do you have problems with paid television? Let's hear about it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my word, THANK YOU. To say I am an unsatisfied DirecTV customer would be charitable!! They deliberately send you crappy receiver boxes that THEY KNOW will fail. When you call for another one, they FED EX a new box to you...FAILING TO TELL YOU that you need to MAIL BACK THE BROKEN ONE...then, on your next bill---SURPRISE!!! A $200 bill for having an EXTRA RECEIVER!!! I've been down this road about SIX TIMES IN TWO YEARS with this horrible company. Once, in exasperation, I asked a phone representative, "Please tell me you know I'm being wronged here. Please tell me you've heard this before." and the rep calmly said, "Sir...ALL day...EVERY day."
There is a special spot in HADES for DirecTV.