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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

5 Day Pouch Test Manual: Tickled Pink

I am tickled pink to say we received the full print run of the 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual on Tuesday (November 25). We immediately began shipping the pre-ordered books to you! If you ordered your book between October 8-31st your shipment is on the way to you! I hope you enjoy it. For those who ordered your books between November 1 and the present: these orders will be processed and in the US Mail today and tomorrow. Starting on Monday we will provide same day shipping on all orders. (US First Class Mail takes 2-5 days for delivery depending upon location.)

In celebration of this happy moment I am pleased to give you free shipping on all First Class Mail Orders.

Yesterday was the feasting day here in the United States. How did you do? Did you follow the Four Rules and Liquid Restrictions and avoid the Slider Foods? Or did you get a bit of track. I wasn't stellar but I know that today is a new day and I can, using the ideals of the 5 Day Pouch Test, get back on track before I go too far off track. Remember, you are never alone. When you receive your 5 Day Pouch Test Owner's Manual be sure to read these chapters:
  • Fixing Broken Windows After Weight Loss Surgery (page 13)
  • The Plan to Work the 5 Day Pouch Test Plan (page 18)
  • Key Learning Points (page 26)
  • Understanding Hunger (page 55)
  • After The Pouch Test: Day 6 and Beyond (page 95)
And be sure to go over the recipe selection carefully and make your menu plan in advance. I think you will enjoy how good eating and living well makes you feel.



As part of your successful 5 Day Pouch Test please take advantage of information and friendship here: 5 Day Pouch Test in the Neighborhood. You are never alone. Never.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kaye,

Congratulations on your book. I am excited to see it, because it will help countless WLS patients.

Keep up the good work!

Katie Jay