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Monday, December 29, 2008

LivingAfterWLS New Office

The opportunity presented itself at 4:15 pm Friday December 26 and as of a few moments ago the dirty work is done!

I've moved out!!!

No, silly Neighbors, not moved out from my beloved Jim, I've moved LivingAfterWLS to a bona fide office!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Since the beginning of LivingAfterWLS I have worked from our home. As things have grown LAWLS took on a parasitic life of it's own invading and commandeering four rooms of our home and a major section of garage where the book inventory is stored. Those of you who work from home know how this can happen (I hope I'm not the only one that has been over run by a home business!) For me, I started resenting LAWLS. It was everywhere. In addition, a separation of work and home ceased to exist. There were no boundaries. I have been really frustrated the last few months, to say the least. And when a person starts to resent the very thing love doing it is time for a change.

So we learned of a vacancy in a very nice office building, just 9 miles from home (that's a very short commute in Wyoming -- action-smiley-065.gif Vivian). We wrote the check immediately and yesterday Jim, Barker "Big Stud" and me made three trips moving equipment, my research library and all the accoutrements of a working office! Today I finished organizing and tidying up and I'm set to put in a full day tomorrow. I still need to get a couple of comfy chairs and a filing cabinet - then I'm all set.

Now don't worry, I'll still lug a laptop home and keep an eye on things from home - which will soon look like a home again! My greatest desire with this change is that I will be better organized, implement some stricter time management strategies and continue to improve the business of LivingAfterWLS!


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