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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland Awareness Challenge

Has Winter hit your neck of the woods yet? I know our Southern-Hemi Neighbors are enjoying a sweet summer but baby, up North it's cold outside. But that doesn't mean we should forsake our healthy LivingAfterWLS way of life. Over in the Neighborhood Kristy photonut2727 is leading the Winter Wonderland Awareness Challenge so that we can be accountable to one another and stay on track. Here's what she says:

"Winter can be so hard on some of us: the lack of sunlight, the cold and lack of energy keeps us in doors or at least away from our fitness/nutrition goals. So, I wanted to do a cross post from the Autumn Awareness Challenge since there were more than 2400 views to check us out and see what was going on there!! Since Autumn is now a fond memory, I wanted to stay focused and on task through the winter months so that I am not wandering around not getting anything accomplished instead I want a wonderful winter full of amazing moments. What will your amazing moments be?

Check in every day to say a little bit about some one thing you've done to make today a stepping stone toward that amazing moment.We'll be reading intently and following along, offering our support and asking your support for our efforts as well. Will you journal your weight? your nutrition?

Will you journal your exercise even on days you don't get to it

Will you commit to checking in to just let us know how you're feeling? I sure hope many of us will do some of these things
in this thread as well as just stopping by to cheer others on!

Are you ready??

I am looking forward to an Amazing Winter! Here we Go--------->"

Join us! Don't navigate the dark winter alone.

Winter Wonderland Awareness Challenge

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I want my Winter to be filled with amazing moments. I am new to the neighborhood. I love it already! I will agree that Winter can be tough. I am starting the 5 day pouch test Sunday Jan 18th. I am deep into reading the owners Manual. I will be writing out my food plan, getting prepared to go shopping on Saturday. I can't tell you how this will help me. I want to succeed at this not fail. To be honest since the 30lb weight gain I have felt like a failure.

I am a strong woman I can give this all I got!