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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kaye's Top 5 "Day 6" Recipes

(For the Beef Osso Buco alla Milanese recipe shown at left go here: Osso Buco alla Milanese)

We are often asked, "OK, now the 5 Day Pouch Test is complete, what do I eat so that I can stay on track?"

Great question. Because if we stay on track we don't need to do the 5DPT again and we are in control of our cravings, our fork and our LivingAfterWLS. Here are my Top Five Day 6 recipe picks taken directly from the LivingAfterWLS Kitchen. Like you I work a full-time job and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen after a long workday. Each of these recipes meet the criteria of 20+ grams protein per serving with 10 grams or fewer complex carbohydrates all served up with a big batch of flavor. I hope you enjoy these, and many other LivingAfterWLS Recipes as you pursue your best healthy life.

Grilled Garlic Jumbo Shrimp & Cherry Tomato Skewers
This recipe calls fora grilling cooking method but it works just as well to cook the shrimp and tomatoes under the broiler. The left-overs are fantastic when served chilled with salad greens or gently reheated in the microwave oven.

Pecan Crusted Chicken
We all know that lean cuts of chicken are high in protein, low in fat and rich in B Vitamins. Adding a pecan crust to this baked chicken not only retains moisture, but adds some heart-healthy Omega-3 Essential Oil to the dish which makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the nutrients. For a shortcut, substitute your favorite no-sodium poultry seasoning blend for the parsley, oregano, thyme, paprika, and cayenne.

Oven Baked Turkey White Chili
It is deep winter in my part of the world and this oven-baked chili is just what the doctor ordered for comfort eating and good healthy dining. If you prefer prepare the chili and cook on low in a slow-cooker for 6 to 8 hours. Dinner is served!

Carbonnade: Beef and Beer Stew Recipe
This is a classic beef stew with the meat being made tender by slow braising in a beer sauce. Use the Dutch oven method for cooking or take advantage of your slow cooker. Either way this will produce a tender succulent stew that your tiny pouch is sure to appreciate.

Scrambled Eggs & Caramelized Onions
Short on time? Long on Hunger? Try the Scrambled Eggs & Caramelized Onions. Thinking out of the box this makes a better supper than breakfast. Serve with sliced tomatoes and you have a well-balanced meal.

For more great recipes and to learn what your WLS Neighbors are cooking visit The Community Kitchen.


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