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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Blog Roll - Have you got something to say?

So here I am, Sleepless at LivingAfterWLS, and I was clicking through the blog roll on this very blog. Not a current link on the list!  So, I'm revamping the blog roll. Are you a weight loss surgery #WLS blogger? Do you keep your postings current? Drop me a note and I'll blogroll you!  Send me a quick message to KayeBailey@LivingAfterWLS or Tweet me your link @LivingAfterWLS or FB me I'll get you listed here and keep up with you. As I say time and again -- We are all in this together!

Did you know that #WLS Bloggers are extremely predictable? I have been studying this for nearly 10 years now. We blog hot & heavy before weight loss surgery and keep it up the first year after surgery as we go through the phase some call "rapid weight loss" or "honeymoon" period. Postings taper off in the second year and by the third year most #WLS bloggers are AWOL.  Have you noticed this? If you followed this pattern what is the reason for the wax & wane of your #WLS blog?

Do tell!

I know that on Sept. 13 I'll be 12 years post-op. And I've said pretty much all I have to say about my personal #WLS experience and life as I know it after being gut-whacked. But now this (talking about WLS) is my job -- my calling if you will -- so I need to keep posting. It seems my posts are a lot less personal these days. Does this mean I am "back to normal"?

I hope we get some interesting discussion here...... What is your take on the blog cycle of a WLS Neighbor?

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