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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kaye's Huggy-Touchy Empowerment Talk (again)

Previously Published 8/30/2007 in the You Have Arrived Postcard.

Hello Neighbors!

Today's postcard is about the personal empowerment that group support brings us. I know, you probably roll your eyes and think, "Here Kaye goes again pushing all that huggy-touchy empowerment talk." Perhaps some days I do get a little sentimental-corny about it, but trust me, when we travel together we become an empowered force to be reckoned with. Morbid obesity and the world that thinks we took an easy route to good health will NOT get the best of us. Not when we band together.

With that in mind I present empowerment from the LivingAfterWLS Neighbors, the very people who lift my spirits and make me believe that everything is possible. You will see that empowerment is not just a word I toss about lightly - it is a belief and a creed practiced by many people who want to do the best they can on any given day, for themselves and for their Neighbors.

a very positive site
truly a safe haven...

"This is a very positive site with LOADS and LOADS of helpful information - I do wish that I had found this site sooner as it has lots of information for pre-oppers that is just not available on this side of the pond. What it has helped me with is to confirm that I made the right choice for me in having Berty the Band fitted and also to gee me up and making me feel that this time I WILL be successful with my weight loss. Why this time? Becasue most of the neighbours here have already shown that it is possible to lose the weight and keep it off."
--Xandra (Cheshire, UK)

In the Neighborhood: What Brought you here?

"I am enjoying this community! It's the first place that I have found that puts a focus on self empowerment and I really like that."
--thn1inside (Missouri)

After I looked through the amazing list of topics that asked and answered so many questions that I had, I just had to come and see if the neighborhood was too good to be true. The very fact that the approach is that of a neighborhood made me feel that this site was going to be different. I was so right on that one! From the first post I made I was not only welcomed, but people actually answered my questions candidly and from their own experience and encouraged me to continue asking questions. I learned more in a week here than I ever have or will anywhere else. It truly is a safe haven where we can all meet and discuss any issue that we fancy. True, it is WLS based, but that is the best part. Most of us not only don't have a family member that has had surgery, we don't even know anyone that has. Now, we all have an entire new neighborhood that we can 'live' in any time we choose with countless experts on the subject.
--Celadon (Florida)

at first reluctant to join
coming here has been a life saver

"I was very reluctant to join after viewing other sites. I had encountered very negative members of other groups. Some who I think joined to simple tell people who have chosen to take their lives back by WLS that they are quitters. So coming here has been a life saver. I feel better and more confident the more I read here. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. The help everyone offers is great. I have alot to learn, but now I feel I have a sounding board I can visit to have all my questions answered. With the support of my family and this board I fell much more sure of my decision. In the beginning you can second guess your decision to have this life altering surgery, but hearing everyone else's stories I feel so much better."
--antoue (Connecticut)

"You are all awesome. I feel very blessed to have wandered into this neighborhood. I have been on a very lonely journey!!! I haven't been this excited about a support group and where to find answers since i had surgery on 9/7/05."
--debrasuzanne (Ohio)

Read Deb's Introduction: Good Morning ev1, deb from ohio here

"Welcome everyone, new or not, we need each other and the positive reinforcement and helpful tips. I thank you all. I'm soooo happy. I'm on my way to loosing the next 20. When I get down to my goal weight I'm gonna do something big. Maybe have a huge party or something!!! Te amo!! If I can do it so can you!!!"
--lovelivinnoregon (Oregon)

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