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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Winner's Edge and Weight Loss Surgery

Hello Everyone!

First let me say that I'm not a sports enthusiast and have only a vague understanding of professional sport strategy and politics. Even so, I enjoy the World Series of Baseball: have enjoyed it since I was a kid when we attended the LA Dodgers games in the early hay-day of record making manager Tommy Lasorda.

So it has been with enthusiasm and wonderment that I've watched the first three games of the 2007 World Series as the Boston Red Sox have literally kicked the wind out of Colorado's Rocky Mountain High. Pre-series it seemed Colorado, who had won 21 of their 22 previous games, appeared unstoppable.

What went wrong in this young team's first run for the world championship? An Associated Press report said, "One reason the Rockies have gone from winning to their tough position now might well be the eight-day wait they had between the National League playoffs and the start of the World Series. They simply haven't rediscovered the ingredients that got them here."

An eight-day delay between winning the National League pennant and stepping up to bat for Game 1 stalled the Rockies, even put them in slump. The Associated Press reports a World Series comeback is unlikely.

Observing the psychology of "winner's edge" I cannot help but link it to long-term management of a healthy weight by way of weight loss surgery. (You knew this was coming, right?) At LivingAfterWLS and in the Neighborhood we speak often of grit determination, the storm of enthusiasm and being hell-bent to work our weight loss surgery tool. We want to keep the winner's edge because when we lose control of the tool we feel like losers (not weight losers, life losers) and feelings of failure perpetuate a hopeless slump.

Here are some quotes from the Neighbors in a thread titled Storm of Enthusiasm:

"For me (although far from perfect) what creates that feeling of enthusiasm is "BEING IN CONTROL" and watching the pounds come off! . . . But all in all....I know that losing and doing what we KNOW is right for us....leads to the weight going down and feeling better!"
-- Julie S aka Sunshine

"I am still in the weight loss phase and am seeing all the benefits that come with it! The rapidly changing body, the new clothing sizes, shopping! Reeling over the health benefits, the attention, the high of it all! It will be good to look back at the responses here once the high wears off!"
--Buffy CT

"I MAKE my storm of enthusiasm. Turning the weaknesses that caused self-destructive behavior into strengths that encourage self-empowering behavior creates a storm of enthusiasm. If I sense the winds starting to drop, I am moved to fan them! I just don't want the adventure to end. I'm not perfect by any means! But I've looked at life from both sides now, as the song says. This side is better. I shall not be moved!"
--Judy Petite

"You know, just coming to the Neighborhood storms up my enthusiasm. Reading what the Newbies have to say always takes me back to that initial "thrill". It is why I am here so much!"

The Rockies only have one more chance to recapture their winner’s edge. But a person with weight loss surgery receives the gift of a new chance every day. It is highly possible to rediscover the ingredients that made your weight loss surgery storm of enthusiasm in the first place. If you are in a slump muster all the enthusiasm and brew a storm of enthusiasm, the same storm you enjoyed in the early stages of your weight loss surgery experience.

Seek support. Pursue knowledge. Make a plan. Grow desire. Empower yourself.


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