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Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun Times in the Neighborhood

Hello Neighbors & Welcome Back after the Thanksgiving Weekend. I hope your plates were loaded with lean-mean protein and you enjoyed great times with your family and friends. Now, with the first of the Feasting Holidays under our belt, we can get on with the fun at hand! In the Neighborhood, of course! Check out these great opportunities to enjoy a little holiday Joy with your LivingAfterWLS friends:

2009 Holiday Swap

Fun Friday Goes Experimental

Get Fit the Wii Way

Son of a Witch Read Along

Back on Track with the 5 Day Pouch Test

The LivingAfterWLS is the best place to carry on conversations about you, your weight loss surgery experience and your life. It is an advertising free destination, a safe haven circle of friends. Don't travel this journey without making the Neighborhood your home.

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