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Friday, June 21, 2013

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Weekly Digest: June 10, 2103
Summer Living After WLS: The Heat is ON!
Please take a moment to review the articles in this week's Digest and take appropriate action to protect your body from heat related illness with proper hydration and other temperature-lowering actions. And be mindful of those around you for symptoms that suggest a heat related illness, sometimes we do not recognize the symptoms in ourselves. Let's take care and avoid being one of the statistics during this season of celebrating our new healthy life. You deserve to take extra-steps to be healthy and enjoy your new life of LivingAfterWLS!  Check it out HERE

Weekly Digest: June 1, 2013
Summer LivingAfterWLS: Make this Your Best Year Ever
This week Americans marked the unofficial start of summer with the Memorial Day holiday.  As the pattern goes for those of us recovering from morbid obesity with surgery, many of us will be spending more time out-of-doors in pursuit of health and activity that obesity had made difficult. With that in mind this week's LivingAfterWLS Digest takes a look at ways to make sure our summer activities are health promoting. We certainly didn't come this far in our weight loss to be sidelined with a food-borne illness or a heat related health crisis. So please, take a few moments to review these common sense articles full of great tips and advice for making our summer living fun!  Be sure to check out the recipe for Greek Chicken Salad with Feta - it is delicious!    Link to this Digest HERE

5 Day Pouch Test June Bulletin:
Don't Blame the Equipment
Are you as happy to feel the warm sunshine and good vibrations of the season  as I am?  Long days, cool nights, slower pace (I hope!), fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries; no more heavy coats, and good times all around. On top of my list for summer fun is major league baseball. And let me tell you, I am a sucker for the baseball metaphor. I don't think any other sport produces better metaphors that speak to life than baseball.  So it comes as no surprise that a commentator caught my attention when he said, speaking of a frustrated outfielder who had just tossed his mitt, "Don't blame the equipment: just make the play." How easy it is to take that and apply it our WLS afterlife. I've expanded on that theme in this month's featured article Don't blame the equipment.  (And in case you are curious, Go New York Yankees!)
Go HERE to read the June Bulletin

5DPT Bulletin: May 2013
Day 4: Your New Normal - Now you are managing your health well
If you started the 5 Day Pouch Test on Monday then today is your Day 4! I like to think of Day 4 as the magical breakthrough day when the difficulties of busting the carb cycle or getting back to the liquid restrictions are over. Many report feeling a new sense of empowerment on Day 4. This is your New Normal.  I hope that is how you are feeling today! To help you along our bulletin this month is loaded with Day 4 inspiration and helpful hints. Even if you aren't doing the 5DPT this week you are sure to find a little hint or nugget of information that could make your day a little healthier and your commitment to the WLS a little stronger.   And be sure to check out the Day 4 approved recipe: Baked Mahi-mahi with Macadamia Nut Crust. I think you will love it! Don't wait - check it out HERE

Cooking with Kaye June 18, 2013
The Tricky Salad Plate
 Hello Neighbors! Thank you for joining me in this issue of Cooking with Kaye. Today we are talking salads. Salads can be tricky after WLS, sometimes the raw vegetables can irritate our little pouches. It is so important that we re-think salads and prepare dishes that are light, nutritious using fresh in-season ingredients. When we do this our cravings for other things are diminished because our taste, texture and nutrional needs have been met. Fresh salads of fruits and vegetables tend to sit lighter in our tiny tummies and do not result in the food coma we often experience after eating a starch-heavy pasta or potato salad.  Let's get cooking - Go HERE

Cooking with Kaye: April 29, 2013
Sweet Spring Lamb - Delicious Protein
Hello Neighbors! Thank you for joining me in this issue of Cooking with Kaye. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite lamb recipes. Did you know that lamb is the most widely consumed animal protein in the world? And the United States is a leading producer of open range grazed lamb with lamb being produced for consumption in nearly every state. For many years I only enjoyed lamb in restaurants fearing it too difficult to prepare correctly. A move to Wyoming where is lamb is abundant gave me the opportunity to cook lamb (and mutton) and in so doing I learned to appreciate it prepared simply with fresh ingredients, while keeping a watchful eye on cooking temperature. Overcooked lamb, sometimes called gray lamb for its unappealing color, can be chewy and dry. Cooked just right pink lamb is succulent and tender reflecting the flavors of garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs. I hope you give these recipes a try and add variety to your high protein menu rotation by including lamb once in a while. Go HERE for great lamb recipes.

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