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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hot Topic: How soon after WLS can I do the 5 Day Pouch Test?

I've seen this question --about doing the 5DPT in the first year after surgery-- asked in several places and wanted to share the FAQ from our recent 5DPT newsletter "Top FAQ's of 2016". In this group I have welcomed one and all --regardless of surgery date-- and the reason for that is explained here. Please enjoy this little snippet and share with others who are curious or confused about when the 5DPT is appropriate! THANK YOU!

Check out our FAQ Special Edition 5DPT Bulletin

Can I do the 5DPT in my first year after surgery?
Without exception patients must follow the dietary program directed by their bariatric center for the first year following surgery. No exceptions. I do not recommend or encourage anyone in the first year post-surgery to do the 5DPT. Please, follow the plan your center prescribed specifically for you.

Remember, your first year of attentive care from your bariatric provider was part of your surgery package. The bariatric center has your health information and surgical information and they are highly invested in you reaching a favorable outcome with surgery. While the 5DPT and other after-surgery programs are effective in our life-long weight management they are written for the general audience. You will see the words, "in general" or "as a rule" or "many patients" etc., that prompts awareness a program is generalized. Your bariatric center, however, is working for you specifically and they understand that one size does not fit all after WLS surgery. Take advantage of the care your surgical center offers - this is truly one of the few times in life where you are the total focus of attention.

In a 2016 Bariatric Times editorial Dr. Christopher Still reminded surgeons of the importance of face-to-face interaction with patients and customary post-WLS dietary and behavioral coaching. "When evaluating a patient for a specific meal and physical activity plan, remember that it is not one size fits all. While one diet may have been successful in one patient, it may prove unsuccessful in another similar patient for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes finding the right plan takes trial and error. When working with your patients, remember to help them focus on realistic goals and finding a routine that is just right for them." This is never more important than during the first year (or even first 2 years) following WLS. Please, stick with your bariatric center in the beginning, get your monies worth, and get your personalized lifestyle plan that affords you the greatest success in weight and health management with your surgical tool.

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Participation Helps! With that said, it cannot be overstated the value that comes from following a 5DPT participant group that uses the plan to get back to the basics they've forgotten. New patients can learn and benefit from the mistakes of others and be well-equipped to quickly spot behaviors that may take us off track from the basics. Don't wait to find yourself well into the danger zone to start learning from others. It is the shared experience of the group that makes the individual strong.

Link to the newletter: Top 10 FAQ's about the 5DPT

These questions are addressed in our FAQ Special Edition 5DPT Bulletin:
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  • Two: Will my pouch shrink by doing the 5DPT? 
  • Three: My center didn't give me the Four Rules. Does that mean they will not work for me? 
  • Four: Can I do the 5DPT in my first year following surgery? 
  • Five: How can I make it past Day 1?
  • Six: I Don't like water at all! What are other options?
  • Seven: Stress eating habits derail me, how can I prevent this?
  • Eight: I want to make a few tweaks to the 5DPT, will it still work?
  • Nine: I messed up, do I need to start over? 
  • Ten: Can I just use any prepared soup or soup recipe or do I have to use the specific 5DPT recipes?

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