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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Avoid Holiday Eater’s Remorse

Are you conflicted over enjoying the holidays by indulging in the bountiful foods set before you versus honoring your commitment to a healthier life by way of weight loss surgery? I know for me the abundance of food and Yuletide cheer seems at times overwhelming. Here are a few strategies to consider before noshing your way to eater’s remorse:

- Forget the notion that holidays are for overindulging. Your WLS isn’t taking a holiday vacation, neither should you.

- Assume that certain foods WILL make you sick (vomiting or dumping). Just because it hasn’t made you sick before does not mean it will not make you sick today. Always assume the worst and avoid dangerous foods (sweets, high starch carbohydrates and dairy)

- Enjoy seasonal treats in moderation. Foods you can have anytime of year are not worth the holiday pouch space – indulge only in those once-a-year treats (low-fat sugar-free eggnog or mulled cider sound good right now).

- Avoid salty foods – they aren’t good for you, they cause dehydration, they cause grazing and over-consumption. Why bother?

It sounds trite and we’ve said it all our dieting lives: “Nothing Tastes as Good As Thin Feels” - - This time, with WLS, the “thin” is for real. Give yourself the chance to enjoy your weight loss without the eater’s remorse.

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