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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Day After...

by Julie Hullinger
LAWLS PR Director

Last week I started mentally preparing myself for "The Big Day". I did this by taking a paper plate and drawing out what I would eat and the size portion that would be appropriate for me and my weight loss goals and strategies. Secondly, I always carry with me my food journal. I always write down everything that goes in my mouth. always. without exception. My family and I were lucky enough to be invited to Kaye's house for Thanksgiving. Now I know I can eat right! So I packed up my paper plate "map" and my food journal and we were on our way with our food assignment - mashed potatos, which we made with fat free cream cheese and horse radish. When we arrived at Kaye's house, I started to feel a little silly about my mapped out paper plate and thought - I'll just leave it in the car. I know what I wrote on it and I'll be fine. I did take my food journal into the house, but left it in my baby's diaper bag. I thought, I'll write down what I eat when I get a minute. The day went by, we enjoyed a lovely meal - eating outside - which is a miricle in November. I ate what I wanted, turkey, potatos and gravy, vegetables and one roll. I was winning! My portions were right on target. Then it was time for dessert. I passed up the pies, no problem..... but..... then came the heavy whipping cream home made - Oh, Lord Have Mercy! I stuck my finger right in the bowl. Then I was a gonner. I dipped and double dipped my finger into that whipping cream bowl until I ate what was probably the equivalent of a stick of butter. I didn't write it down in my journal - I of course would do that later. And the worst part is a while later I UNZIPPED my pants, layed right down on the floor - in front of KAYE BAILEY. Mortified! Can you imagine? But our kind, gracious hostess understood my dilema. She excused herself, changed from her gorgeous lemon yellow dress into her "casual wear"... just to make me feel more comfortable. My plan to wear tight jeans to "remind" me not to eat too much was not the greatest plan. Anyway, my family and I got into the car to go home, I dug my food journal out of the diaper bag and began to write down my day's food/calories. I'm happy to report that I came in pretty much on target for what I had planned on my paper plate map, except for the whipping cream dipping. I did not feel guilty. Even though I hadn't taken my paper plate to the table, the mental preparation I had done before hand really helped me keep it under control. Thank you to Kaye and her husband for the beautiful day of food and friendship.

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Sandi Hooper said...

OMG--I can't imagine lying on the floor, pants unzipped (I could relate to the tight jean method) in front of Kaye. You two must have a very good relationship...*still laughing a day later* Thanks for sharing this intimate look at the wls thanksgiving!