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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nov. 28: Monday Message From Kaye

Hello everyone! Did you survive the Thanksgiving feast and enjoy yourself and your new LivingAfterWLS lifestyle? We enjoyed a very nice holiday with weather so lovely we were able to eat outdoors – keep in mind I live in Wyoming, so this truly was a Thanksgiving Day Miracle. I found myself grazing on the marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts. But I did manage to avoid the chips and dips so all was not lost. Post your experience here – what went well for you and where can you improve at the next big food day.

Warm Wishes!

We have eight members of our community undergoing WLS this week. Please send your warmest wishes to Dana, Jerry, Paula, Lorri, Clara, Betty, Melissa and Kathy. You can learn more about Melissa by reading her Blog, Big Grandma. To all of you best wishes & welcome to your new life.

WLS Blogs:
Have you read Sandi’s blog recently? She had her surgery last week and is home and doing well! Stop over and pay her a visit, she’s got a wonderful way with words and an honest sincere heart - just read her account of her stay in the hospital. I enjoy her very much! Speaking of blogs, we’ve added four great online journals to our blog list. Take a minute to read what some of our community members are up to – some are pre-op and Mayablue at “Starting Over After WLS” is 14-months post-op. I’ve always said our best resource is one another – thank you “Bloggers” for sharing your WLS with the community. And if you are keeping a blog and would like a link drop me an email – I’d love to get to know you!

  • Starting Over After WLS

  • A Shrinking Violet

  • She Shrinks

  • Former Fat Girl

  • Why WLS?

    This week at LivingAfterWLS we are going to take a hard look at WHY we had weight loss surgery and what we are doing to move forward in a healthier life that supports our decision to have the surgery. We will look at nutrition, fitness and emotions associated with life after WLS.

    December Issue: You Have Arrived
    And finally, Coming to inboxes Thursday is the December issue “You Have Arrived” newsletter – it’s all about celebrating holidays and nurturing our new healthy lifestyle at the same time. The “You Have Arrived” newsletter is available exclusively to subscribers: Link to join the LivingAfterWLS community and enjoy this free benefit.

    I wish you the best this week; take your vitamins, drink your water, move your body and live well after WLS!

    Take care,

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    Sandi Hooper said...

    Thanks again for your kind words. I've really enjoyed all of the blogs you have recommended. I feel like I really found a gold mine when I blog searched my way onto this site. Your information and resources have been invaluable to me. And of course, your personal success is a great inspiration as well!