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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bead Bags for Supplements
A Brilliant Idea!

Leave it to our brilliant and innovative frequent contributor, Kim Stover, to come up with an “out of the box” great idea for an ordinary craft product. She’s found little bead bags are perfect for organizing a daily supply of vitamins – and who among us isn’t always looking for a better way to organize our supplements! Kim wrote,

“I meant to tell you about something that I found at Michael's Craft Store. Do you have a Michael's in your area? If not, I'm sure that any craft store would carry this item. Anyhow, it is a box of mini-zipper baggies. They come in a box of 200 and you can find them in the beading section. The ones that I purchased are 2"x3" and the cost was about $2.50. I've started to pack my vitamins in these little wonders. Perfect! I sit down at the kitchen table with my pharmacy in front of me, bag up one or two weeks worth of daily pills and then I'm done! It becomes a "grab 'n go" item as I’m running out the door (especially on a day like today...). Brilliant, no?”

Brilliant, YES! Thanks Kim, as always, for sharing with us. Please readers, if you have other ideas for organizing supplments let's hear about it! Post your comments today - Thanks!


Diane; AL said...

This is a great idea. Before I had my surgery, I took alot of meds for health problems. I had a tray that I set up weekly. I no longer take these. But with all my added vitamins, they won't fit in my tray. I'll try this.
Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Kaye Bailey said...

I, too, found the pill trays are not large enough for vitamins - the zippy bags are perfect!

Keep the great ideas coming!