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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Newbie Pantry – What’s in Your Cupboard?

Diane Shields, one of the great ladies here at LivingAfterWLS and an exceptional cook in her own right, has provided a list of what she kept in her pantry as a WLS Newbie. She makes the knowledgeable statement, “The hardest part of this surgery is not getting into a rut with what you eat. For those just starting out, they need to know that a variety of foods are best. Natural, whole foods are essential. I cook from scratch most of the time. That way I can control what I put into my body.”

Diane sent a recipe for Thai Peanut Butter Burgers – be sure to give it a try – it is melt in your mouth delicious! Thanks Diane!

Here is what she had on hand to keep her fed, happy and losing weight after surgery:

Sugar free Jell-o
Beef & chicken bouillon
High protein puddings
Unflavored protein powder (I added this to Jell-o and bouillon)
Ready-To-Drink protein drinks
Assorted flavors powdered protein shake mix
Refried beans
Eggs, cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese
Assorted seasonings and herbs

What’s in your pantry? Newbies & Old-Timers alike comment here!


Diane; AL said...

As I shared with Kaye, each of us tolerate different things. I was lucky to have an ol timer share her info with me. So I knew what to have on hand post op.
Another suggestion to newbies is to try out different flavors of shakes prior to your surgery. I made the mistake of buying 2 gallon size powdered shake mixes. I thought the flavors would be something I would enjoy. I HATED THEM!!! I ended giving them away months later. All that money down the drain.
Also, if you will keep something prepared at all times, you'll be less likely to cheat. That not only goes for newbies, but for us old timers too.

Kaye Bailey said...

Good point Diane - we all tolerate different things.

Another point to consider - what tastes good before surgery often does not taste good after surgery. It is remarkable to me how much my taste has changed - can you imagine I find chocolate flavored things to be repugnant. . who'd of thought?