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Friday, August 05, 2005

The Incredible Egg Cooker

From reading my food diary you’ll see I eat hard cooked eggs often. I have the most brilliant appliance called egg cooker that I use to keep a supply of perfectly hard cooked eggs on hand. Simply load the tray with six eggs, pierce the shells with the pin, add water, cover, set the timer and off you go! Within minutes perfectly cooked eggs. I allow them to cool slightly and refrigerate them in the shell away from the raw eggs.

Now, I’m not going to suggest breaking the no-snacking rule; but sometimes having an egg between meals is a great pick-me-up. Remember, an egg has 7 grams of protein and is a perfect fit for your tiny tummy.

Diane asked, "What is one kitchen gadget you would not be without???" Great question - click the survey on the left. Thanks Diane!


Diane; AL said...

Where did you find this??? I learned from Alton Brown of Food Network a fool proof way to boil eggs. But this would be so simple. Also I'm am a kitchen gadget junkie. So I'm always looking to add to my ever growing supply.

For those out there----
What is one kitchen gadget you would not be without???
Mine is my food processor.

Kaye Bailey said...

I love my egg cooker - I'm on the third one as I wore-out the first two. I pulled this article forward and added the Amazon link - a great buy for under $20. Hard-cooked eggs are still one of my best tolerated foods.

Diane - great question on the kitchen gadgets! I added a survey box so we can learn what's going on in our LivingAfterWLS kitchens!

Thanks for your posts.