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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Subscriber Incentive!
Free DVD to 500th Subscriber

LivingAfterWLS is fast nearing a record 500 subscribers in just three months online! I am so excited to reach this milestone I’m offering a great incentive to new subscribers! Free to the 500th Subscriber – a copy of the DVD “What’s So Funny?” Featuring Jessica Fischer’s story of obesity and transformation following gastric bypass surgery.

While this is a great reason to subscribe to LivingAfterWLS keep in mind that every subscriber receives:

Free Exclusive Monthly “You Have Arrived” email newsletters covering pertinent topics for living after weight loss surgery.

Free Exclusive Special Edition “You Have Arrived” email newsletters that are topic oriented covering issues for making the most of the WLS tool.
Past issues included:
  • Beating The Snack Monster Issue
  • Special Pre-OPS Issue
  • Independence Day Holiday Issue
  • And coming August 15: Head Games After WLS Issue

Priority email response from me when you write with concerns or questions about LivingAfterWLS.

Subscribe today – You may be the lucky winner. Link for the full subscription & privacy policy.


Diane; AL said...

WTG 500
Come on all ya'll out there. This place is great. Kaye is wonderful to share all this with us. We can all continue on this journey TOGETHER. Each one of us has a unique story to tell. It also helps to know that others experience some of the same things.SO SIGN UP!!!!

Kaye Bailey said...

Thanks Diane - I appreciate your support, and the support of everyone here at LivingAfterWLS.

We together are our own best resource for this lifetime lifstyle!

Best Wishes!