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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kaye's Monday Message: August 8

Hello Everyone!

Warm Wishes: We have two community members undergoing surgery this week to begin their new lives. Please send warm wishes to Megan & Regena. Both of these ladies have sent me such lovely comments – I am personally thanking them and wishing them the best of success in their new lives!

Help Needed: We continue to support through thought and prayer a friend of one of our community members who is in urgent need of a liver transplant. Our prayers continue to go out to Shari as she fights for life. Please link to Shari Kurzrok’s site for a downloadable flyer that can be distributed to hospitals, fire and police departments and posted on bulletin boards. Shari has made her career leading fundraisers for the American Red Cross – now is a chance to give back to her.

Special Edition: I’m working on a Special Edition of our newsletter “You Have Arrived”. This one is all about the mental head games we play after weight loss surgery and features my essay “I Sold My Soul to the Bathroom Scale”. It will be delivered to subscriber inboxes Monday, August 15.

Reader Feedback: We had lots of reader feedback last week in the form of comments – let’s continue the interaction as we truly become a supportive community for LivingAfterWLS. If you are uncertain how to leave a comment link here for instructions.

Have a great week & enjoy LivingAfterWLS!

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