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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Shopper’s Alert: Low-Carb Products

Conventional dieters are drifting away from the popular low-carb trend of recent years. That’s great news for LivingAfterWLS because low-carb products and cookbooks can be found in the bargain bins for pennies on the actual retail price. Last week I found “Low Carb Recipes”, an illustrated 96-page cookbook for just $3 in the bargain bin.

The gastric bypass diet is essentially low-carb. We are instructed to eat mainly high-protein low-volume meals. The introduction of this book, while speaking to the “normal” tummies makes a valid point even for us: “Many of us have let the extra weight creep on and developed bad eating patterns that make us fat, unhappy and ill. A low-carbohydrate diet is one, very successful, way of tackling these sorts of problems, revitalizing and re-energizing the system and trimming off that spare tire.”

What I find great about low-carb cookbooks is the emphasis on quality products and great flavor. Check out that bargain bin next time you’re shopping – you just may find a treasure for pennies on the dollar.

From my new book are two recipes I tried. Both are easy, healthy and delicious!

Lettuce-Wrapped Meat

Pork & Sage Kabobs


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Diane; AL said...

Kaye knows this is my mantra. I adhere to a strict LC WOE. I have tons of recipes, even desserts. You ought to taste my cheesecake. It's to die for. People think LC is a thing of the past but true LC followers don't use the pre-packaged stuff. The only pre-packaged things I use are Hoods Carbcountdown milks(even chocolate), LC yogurts, and LC tortillas. Check out the LC Freedom link Kaye has here. You'll get some great info. Matter of fact, that's how I found Kaye and this wonderful site. There's a link on that site for here.