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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday Newsbrief from Kaye:

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are having a fine week. Things are busy here at LivingAfterWLS. I have a few brief news items to share with you:

On Tuesday Donna from Texas, one of the lovely ladies here, received the call no mother wants to hear: “Your daughter has been in an accident and I need to know if it is ok to transport her to the hospital”. Donna tells me her heart literally stopped. Fortunately, her beautiful daughter, Courtney, is ok – but what a heart stopping moment. I wish them both a fast emotional recovery from this trauma.

When Donna told me about that heart-stopping phone call I was reminded of a recent press release about putting ICE on cell phones:

Emergency Officials Want ICE On Your Cell Phones

If you were in an accident, you probably know who you would call first. But what if you weren't able to make the call? How would a first responder or state trooper know who you want notified?

If you have ICE on your cell phone, officials said it will help them help you.
ICE, or In Case of Emergency, is a phone number and name listed in your phone's phone book that can easily be found by emergency workers. Just enter ICE as the name so it comes up when you scroll through your cell phone directory.

"The big thing is just somebody to notify. A lot of times, we have a driver's license, but we still don't who to notify and a telephone number. So this will really help in those cases," Spartanburg County EMS Director Jimmy Greene said.

Low-Carb Freedom: Great Resource of WLS Readers

Diane Shields, another super lady here, mentioned a great website – Low Carb Freedom hosted by Katherine Prouty. As you know, life after WLS is all about eating high-protein, low-carb, low-volume food. Katherine is at the forefront of the low-carb industry. She keeps the site up-to-date introducing and reviewing new products, health trends and information oriented to families living a low-carb lifestyle. Be sure to visit her site often for loads of great current information. You can Link here or follow the link in the left column.

Speaking of low-carb, are you hungry for cheesecake? Check out this recipe New York Style Cheesecake With Brazil Nut Crust sent in by Diane. If you’ve been assigned dessert for a family party or pot luck give this yummy dessert a try and live safe after WLS.

Way To Go Kerri

I have made a very special friend here named Kerri, a goddess from California. She has faced heartbreak and hardship this last year. Her courage and determination continue to inspire me every time I receive an email from her. Recently she had her six-month check-up and she busted the deuce weighing in at just under 200 pounds. Way to Go Kerri! Keep up the good work! Still Under-Construction

I’m still working my HTML coding fingers to the bone here on the new-improved website. Some of the pages are online and if I do say so, they look pretty good! Thanks for your patience with this project! I hope you’ll keep clicking over there as new content, surveys and links are added.

Everyone take care & Enjoy your Living After WLS!


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