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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What is “Fitness Walking”?

In Monday’s post I mentioned my August goal is to walk 60 fitness miles and Diane asked, “What is fitness walking?” Great question! As I define it, fitness walking is the deliberate specific act of walking for fitness. Not strolling through the mall or walking in the park or playing with the dogs. To me, fitness walking is intent focused walking specifically for exercise.

There are several reasons I set my goal for “fitness walking.” First of all, I have not walked deliberately for exercise since early May. I’ve told myself doing yard work, playing with the dogs, walking around the ranch is enough. I convinced myself parking further out in the parking lot or taking extra stairs would keep me fit and I didn’t need to walk on the treadmill or power walk in the neighborhood.

This activity has not been enough.

I’m losing my fitness edge, my body feels soft. But worse, I’ve not had the energy reserves I enjoyed earlier this year and I’ve felt more stress lately. Last week I began reading Denise Austin’s book, “Shrink Your Female Fat Zones” and came across this quote: “Walk for energy. Walk for lower blood pressure. Walk for stress release. Walk for you.” The light went on! Of course! That’s what I’m missing in my day, a good old fashioned fitness walk.

“I love to walk. It’s such a great way to work out. It boosts your metabolism and puts you in a fabulous mood. After I walk, I feel invigorated and have a wonderful sense of self-accomplishment. I’ve found that it’s one of the best tools for permanent weight loss.” Denise Austin

So, this month I’ve scheduled time on my calendar for fitness walking for my physical and mental health. Since the first days out of WLS I’ve enjoyed walking and, dare I say, embraced it as a way of life? Yet I allow one week to go without walking, and then another and soon two months have passed and I’m out of the habit. How can it be so easy to give up something that makes me feel so good?

Fitness Walking! It’s on my calendar. What about yours?

Best wishes,


Diane; AL said...

Thanks for the answer. I wear a pedometer everyday to count my steps. You know the idea of 10,000 steps a day. But like you I felt the movement of everyday life would be enough. I was wrong. You have to have an organized fitness program. It makes you feel alot better. It's all those endorphins.

My fitness regimen consists of water aerobics, yoga(great for the mind as well as the body), and cycling.

FYI---if you can't afford a gym membership, the YMCA has an income based program for people on a fixed income. It is a sliding scale program. I know alot of people are on disability due to the health problems associated with obesity.

Kaye Bailey said...

Great feedback Diane & congratulations on your fitness program!

Also, excellent comment on the YMCA - I'll find more on their program and post an article.