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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Monday Message from Kaye!

Hello Everyone!

Warm Wishes: We have three community members undergoing surgery this week to begin their new lives. Please send warm wishes to Laura, Pam and Keisha. To you lovely ladies I wish you the best and “Welcome to Your New Life – You Have Arrived!”

Delivered: “You Have Arrived – Head Games” a special issue newsletter, has been delivered to subscriber inboxes. I hope find time to read, enjoy and relate to the articles in this issue. Please drop me an email if you missed it and I’ll send it your way.

Community Growth: Our community continues to grow – we are nearing the 500 subscribers’ milestone – this awes me. Thank you so much for your belief and confidence in this website. I hope you are finding useful information for your life after weight loss surgery. As an incentive to new subscribers I’m offering to the 500th Subscriber – a free copy of the DVD “What’s So Funny?” Featuring Jessica Fischer’s story of obesity and transformation following gastric bypass surgery.

Mother Ship: Over at the main website,, we added 15 new pages last week for a total of 20 content filled pages. Now, many of these pages are still under construction but I hope by the end of the week to have them finished and online for your enjoyment. Thanks for sticking with me while I work on them. Like I’ve told many of you, I’m a writer, not a techie – so this is taking some time.

Please have a great week! Consider carefully what you put in your mouth and get out there and move that new body of yours! Remember we are LIVING after WLS.

Best wishes,

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Diane; AL said...

I don't know about ya'll but I love this place!!! I go to other WLS sites but there aren't that many who are long term. I can only speak for myself but I NEED this site.
Hey Kaye--if you really need a chocolate fix--I've got plenty of low carb sugar free dessert recipes.