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Friday, August 05, 2005

WLS a Family Affair
Six Cousins – 1000+ Pounds Lost!

Diane Shields, one of the great ladies here at LivingAfterWLS, is thriving since her surgery. Presently she is working on a family cookbook that includes 7-generations of recipes. For this project she is using Living Cookbook software to develop the cookbook. “I’m working on a cookbook right now for our family reunion. I come from a very large family (in more ways than one). I emailed all of my cousins. They sent me cherished family recipes, short stories about their families, and pictures.”

Diane explained, “There's 7 generations of us. We get together every year for my grandmother's birthday. She'll be 106 this November. Food has always been a big part of our gatherings. I suppose that has something to do with many of my cousins being obese. As of right now six of us have had the WLS. So I plan to add a section of the cookbook just for us. Complete with before and after pictures.”

What a great idea – including a section in the family cookbook for WLS people. How much more supportive could you be of this new lifestyle?

Diane said last year was the first reunion she attended after losing weight. She said, “No one recognized me. I was always the chubby one of the bunch. But as the years went on they put on the weight as fast as I did. One of my cousins had scheduled her surgery for last October but backed out. After I got through talking with her and promising to be there for her, she rescheduled for January. She was down 70 pounds the last time I spoke with her.”

When Diane and her cousins tallied the weight loss the realized the six of them had lost of a-half ton of weight. More than 1000 pounds lost! “We are each in the DOUBLE CENTURY CLUB. Well except for the last one, but to reach goal she'll join the club too! So you can plainly see WLS is a way of life for many of us.”

Way to Go Diane & Family.

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