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Friday, September 09, 2005

Living After WLS is Tough!
Knowledge is Key to Success

by Kaye Bailey
Considering or having weight loss surgery is one of the most arduous personal decisions an obese person may ever face. Being fully informed when considering WLS is paramount when making the best decision for long term success with surgery. I've found a fantastic resource for people considering weight loss surgery: Weight Loss Surgery Options. This site presents a comprehensive study of obesity surgery including who qualifies, different procedures, and dietary considerations after WLS.

The video links on this site are particularly informative and profesionally presented. I watched several of the clips and learned many new things. I came away with a better understanding of obesity and weight loss surgery without feeling like I had be "pitched" to as one feels with so many baritric center sponsored sites.

Weight Loss Surgery Options is produced by Healthology, an editorial staff, which includes physicians, nurses, professional medical journalists and producers, in collaboration with the nation's leading medical experts. All content receives a comprehensive review by Healthology's medical team and a network of medical experts who serve as editorial directors.

Weight Loss Surgery Options is worth a visit no matter the stage in the journey to control obesity. I've added their link to the LivingAfterWLS blog so you can always find them.

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