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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vitamin Trouble? Take a Tip from Caroline

One of our community members, Caroline, passed along this great hint for taking medicine and vitamins in the early post-op phase after weight loss surgery when swallowing is so difficult. She writes, “Take a tablespoon, coat the bottom with a thin layer of applesauce. Powder your meds as needed, then place on the layer of applesauce. Put a dollop of applesauce on top. The whole thing slides down your throat like a raw shucked oyster. Slurp and it's gone. I barely get a taste of anything anymore, including my ultra-bitter vicodins.”

Caroline, who is a writer, had her surgery on September 9, 2005 and has already started writing her experience. I expect we will hear much more from her in the future. Thanks, Caroline, for sharing this great hint!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, a great solution! My son had Hodgkins Lymphoma 2 yrs ago and could not swallow a pill for anything. With applesauce he could get down pain pill powders and even the bitterest prednisone. Send it in to Parents Magazine for a tip of the week! :) By the way; the son is still in remission and doing great. Way to go Caroline!

Kim said...

I haven't tried applesauce, but I take many of my pills with light yogurt. I crush my Calcium Citrate with a mortar/pestal and mix it with a spoonfull of Dannon Light.

Welcome to the group Caroline!

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with me if I can swallow pills without a problem? Is my stomach too big?

Kaye Bailey said...

Great feedback everyone.

It is perfectly fine if a post-op person can swallow pills without difficulty. You know, many non-WLS people have difficulty swallowing pills. It is more the act of swallowing than the containment size of the stomach. I can swallow several vitamins at once, but lots of folks cannot. Again, this is a case of learning what it takes to best care for our own nutritional health!


Diane; AL said...

I have NEVER been able to swallow pills in my life. Applesauce or yogurt works great. But after a lifetime of this affliction, I just chew them up. Gross, right? But it's what I'm used to doing.