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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept. 12: Monday Message from Kaye

Hello Everyone!

We have six community members undergoing surgery this week to start their new lives. Please send your warm thoughts and good wishes to Dawn, Linda, Jane, Kim, Candy & Verna!

One of these remarkable women, Dawn, has been running a weight loss surgery group. She told me, “Over a year and a half ago I wanted to meet people who have had weight loss surgery, so I e-mailed many people and before I knew it, I was running a WLS support group. We outgrew my home and now meet at my public library. I became officially trained by and am now a Chapter Leader. Ironically, I have NOT had the surgery yet.” Dawn’s surgery is today. Having spent so much time with WLS patients Dawn knows the road ahead is challenging. But armed with her WLS tool, her knowledge and a strong faith she will do just fantastic. Best wishes.

The LivingAfterWLS homepage continues to evolve. Please link-back often for updates and upgrades as the site grows to better support long-term living after WLS.

The special issue September 15th "You Have Arrived" will be delivered to inboxes Thursday, September 15. This is the "Anniversary" issue with lots of great ideas for understanding long-term life after WLS. Don’t miss it: SubscribeToday!

Have a great week!

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