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Sunday, September 18, 2005

September 19: Kaye's Monday Message

Hello Everyone!

We have three community members undergoing weight loss surgery this week. Please send your warm thoughts and good wishes RoseAnn, Lisa and Reye. In addition, our frequent contributor Kim Stover will undergo a medical thigh lift on Wednesday. She has agreed to share with the LivingAfterWLS community her experience in this skin removal procedure. Please send warm wishes to Kim and check in later in the week for an update.

The LivingAfterWLS homepage continues to evolve. Please link-back often for updates and upgrades as the site grows to better support long-term living after WLS. On Tuesday we are adding two new pages: “WLS Pre-Ops”, and “Procedures & Calculators”.

The special issue September 15th "You Have Arrived" was delivered to inboxes Thursday, September 15. This is the "Anniversary" issue celebrating three people at different stages in the LivingAfterWLS experience. Don’t miss it: Subscribe Today!

Have a great week!

1 comment:

Diane; AL said...

To everyone just starting out, good luck on your journey. It's not always a smooth road. But it is the destination that makes it worthwhile.

Kim, good luck on your surgery. Please keep us updated. I'll be looking into plastic surgery over the next few years.