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Monday, February 06, 2006

Be Your Own Valentine

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It seems almost universal that WLS people have often been the givers in their lives notoriously putting themselves last. As we engage in our new lives I believe it is important to start putting ourselves and our needs first. Karen Dahlman has written a terrific article about treating ourselves well. Let's make February the month where we treat ourselves as "our own lover."

February is for the Self-Valentine Treatment!
By Karen Dahlman

Aaah yes, the month of February is upon us. What comes to mind? Visions of red hearts, chocolate and flowers? Romance, love and a significant other? February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. The day when another special someone treats you and you treat this special person, and remind each other of the romantic love you are fortunate to share together.

Although, Valentine’s Day seems sweet, it can also go sour when you feel pressed to long for love and romance especially when there may not be any significant other with whom to don your heart and receive your flowers. Uuggh, another year without that special treatment from a love! Look, all of us have been there at one time or another.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone, or feeling like you are missing out, or are avoiding it altogether, learn to welcome the month of February in another light. February can be that month when you treat yourself as though you are your own lover. Sounds freaky, but it is not. Actually, make the 14th of this month special for you even if you do not have another to share it with. Consider turning all of February into that amazing month during the year when you focus on ways to honor yourself and not wait for another to make you feel special. You can feel special by your own doing and in the process of doing so, increase your self-esteem, build your self-worth, and interesting enough, set the stage for that “special someone” to walk into your life and treat you as you would treat yourself! (Hopefully, you are treating yourself well.)

Make February work for you and still receive your special Valentine treatment by banishing the blues and bringing in the red!

1.) Make a Date with Yourself – set special dates just for you this month, especially on the 14th and really treat yourself. This means make an appointment for a massage, go to a fancy dinner with friends or just cook a beautiful meal for you. Spend time with yourself soaking in a tub, with bath salts, essential oils and candles lit all around. The idea is to establish the date(s), mark them in your calendar and really do them.

2.) Nurture Your Heart – if you want flowers, treat yourself to them. Buy the chocolates you desire and have them with that special glass of wine. By the way, dark chocolate and red wine (in moderation) are healthy for the heart. Feed your heart by providing it with what you would want from a lover. The idea is to treat yourself as if you are the lover.

3.) Lavish Your Body – treat your body to special products. Purchase a new skin conditioner or premium body butter. Once you step out of the tub, immerse you senses and skin in a wonderful and healthy product for your body. Try that new facial mask you have been meaning to use. Sip your favorite tea while your face is being cleansed. The idea is to respect and care for your body to banish any blues. You cannot feel badly when you are caring for yourself.

4.) Open Your Mind – be positive with your inner talk. If you wish to be in a significant relationship and you currently are not, notice what your self talk is saying. Be aware of the messages you may be giving yourself and others! Just because this year, Valentine’s is not what you would like it to be, does not mean that this is a permanent experience. It just means that there is room to expand your relationship with yourself and with another. Everything is in a constant state of change, so align the inner messages and beliefs you tell yourself about love with what it is you wish to experience within your life, and things will hange to match your beliefs.

Ultimately know that by treating yourself well, you send messages to yourself that you are worthy of such care and nurturance, that when others come into your life, they will pick up on this vibe and treat you the same. So, this February, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with another or just getting through the day alone, remember to use this day as a reminder to love and care for yourself in order to create more heartfelt love within your life now and in the days to come.

Copyright (c) 2006 Karen A. Dahlman. All rights reserved.

Karen A. Dahlman, art therapist, licensed counselor and entrepreneurial business owner aspires to teach others to lead healthy, creative lives. She is founder and CEO of Creative Visions Consulting, Inc., a consulting & design firm for fortune 500 telecommunications companies. Developed from her work as a therapist, her well-being company, Gifts of the Goddess™ – All-Natural Body & Skin Care, inspires women to evoke their inner goddess through self-empowerment and self-care of their bodies, minds and spirits with the ultimate in luxurious and healthy choices in skin care.

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