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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lori Is Doing Fit Is It - - Times TWO!

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Doing Fit Is It Times Two!

Lori Rosendahl, the darling lady in the picture and one of our LivingAfterWLS neighbors, has taken the Fit Is It challenge and she’s doing it times two! Remember the challenge meets the government guidelines – 180 minutes a week. WELL prepare yourself to be inspired – Lori is doing upwards to 400 minutes of exercise a week.

Lori said, “I've taken your challenge and have consistently been getting in 325 minutes of exercise in each week, but, I occasionally get in 400! I've been doing this for 5 months straight now. I've lost 129 pounds and I'm 8 months out on my surgery. I have 87 pounds to get to my goal.”

Consider how far she has come in five months, “This is such an achievement for me, as I had to walk with a cane before WLS. Four blocks would have been out of the question. I now can do four miles. I work with a personal trainer who meets with me once every six weeks and gives me a new routine. I do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training each day.”

We had a quote in today’s You Have Arrived newsletter that reminds me of Lori. The quote, “WLS is not just about the weight you lose, its about the life you gain.” What a great inspiration she is in the new life she has gained. Lori has a favorite slogan too. She told me, “I do struggle with trying to do this right. Weight loss surgery is not a "get out of exercise and diet jail" free card. It is my new favorite saying!”

Isn’t she great? And here’s the really exciting news for me! Lori and I live near one another and I will soon meet her live and in person! She can expect a great big hug when I tell her, “Welcome to your new life, Lori, You Have Arrived!”

Now, checking in on my Fit Is It week #4. I’m happy to report that last week I logged 240 minutes of fitness activity. It was the second week I had increased my challenge to 240 minutes from the 180 minutes. This week, I’m afraid I’m not doing as well and my excuses are impressive. Long working hours, bad weather, drop-in company, and so-on. I’m so happy Lori came along and inspired me to get up, get out, get moving!

Hey everybody! Keep up the good work! Tomorrow is a new day and if Lori can do it, so can all of us! Write and tell me about your Fit Is It challenge!


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