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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

LivingAfterWLS Tool:
Vitamin, Nutrition & Fitness Minder

Please Send Vitamin, Nutrition & Fitness Minder

Do you find yourself at the end of the day wondering if you have taken all your vitamins, eaten your protein and done enough exercise? Sometimes in our multi-tasking world it’s hard to keep track.

LivingAfterWLS has created a weekly tracking sheet to help you monitor your supplement intake, protein and water intake and exercise minutes. This tool is a simple to use and makes managing your health and nutrition a breeze. Two weeks are printed on one sheet of paper. If you are interested in receiving this tool click the email link above and we will send the pdf file to you free of charge. It is our little way of helping you help yourself!

You Have Arrived Boutique

You Have Arrived Vitamin Tote

Another tool to help with vitamin organization is the You Have Arrived Vitamin Tote – available exclusively to the LivingAfterWLS community. Nobody wants to pack those geriatric drugstore pillboxes around. One community member told me “Those are for sick people!” The LivingAfterWLS Tote is a classy and practical way to organize your daily vitamins. To use, simply sort your vitamins once a week into the labeled weekday pillboxes. Each morning set out the pillbox for that day and when it’s empty you’ll know you have taken all your supplements. It’s as simple as that! We have included large boxes for prescription medicine (Rx) and miscellaneous OTC medicine (Misc). All of the boxes stow safely in the sturdy plastic tote box, which can be used when traveling too.
Introductory Price: $14.00 + $2.30 S&H = $16.30

You Have Arrived Greeting Cards

Brand new in the Boutique this week – the “You Have Arrived Greeting Cards.” These gorgeous artisan-crafted greeting cards truly represent the LivingAfterWLS motto – “You Have Arrived.” One set of four cards features a hand-knit work-in-progress sweater. Two cards contain the inspirational quote "Dream, Believe, Succeed" and the other two our slogan, "Whatever else you have on your mind, Wherever else you think you're going, Stop for a moment and look where you are: You Have Arrived." Please order quickly as supplies are limited.
Introductory Price: $16.00 + $3.50 S&H = $19.30

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