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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Introducing Regina Chayer
Photographer Extraordinaire

Regina Chayer and I have been writing to one another for several months but it was just last week she revealed her secret to me. She is a talented gifted photographer. I was breathless looking at her online photo gallery and you will be too. Please visit her gallery at this link:

Photos by Regina Chayer

Regina told me, "I do carry my camera with me almost everywhere, you just never know when a great shot will appear! I don't make a living with photography, but I do sell some of my work via greetingcards, stock photography, as well as doing a few weddings and some portrait work. I recently won 3rd place in a contest sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of Art. That was a big thrill!"

Regina is a little over six-months post-op. She said, "I work in an office at a desk 40-hours a week so my free time is spent trying to get outside and seeing some of the natural world. I started a few years ago during a difficult time in my life as a way to force me to get out of the house. I got hooked and have never looked back. The shutter bug really bit me! I have not been shooting as much since my surgery because of focusing on health and exercise, but as more weight comes off and the weather improves, I know I will be back out there snapping away."

I can hardly wait to see more of Regina's work! Thank you for sharing your talent and WLS inspiration with us! Regina is the featured inspiration in tomorrow's You Have Arrived Postcard Club! (click the sign-up link in the blog header to recieve this email.)


Kim S. said...

Wow... Do you have any of these in the form of blank cards? I love the single tulip. Simple and pure. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I sure do Kim! Thanks so much for the kind words. Kaye and I are discussing adding some of my cards to the LAWLS boutique. I am so excited about the idea! If you are serious about some cards. Let me know and I will send you my e-mail address.

Kim S. said...

I am interested in the tulip cards if you have them. I'm sure that others would love to get your cards too! Kaye will send you my email address...Kaye?

Anonymous said...

Regina, your photos are beautiful. I love to take photos as well. I just got a new Canon digital SLR and am loving it! I'm still in the process of discovering what it can do and what I can do with it. I see you're from Maine originally, I live in Hallowell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Meredith, You live in a beautiful state full of gorgeous places to photograph! I am from the Bethel area originally. Ski country! I miss Maine terribly. We don't get back there nearly engouh. I too shoot with a Canon. Love how easy it is to use. Good luck with it! share some images of Maine when you get some.

PS Kim, I promise to email you in the next day or so!