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Friday, February 17, 2006

Cheerful As Spring Crocus
Refreshing Blogs to Read

I spent time this morning enjoying some of my favorite blogs - here are a few of my favorites today - Enjoy!

Through the snow
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Cee Cee's WLS Journey is a great place to read about the early days and weeks after surgery. Cee Cee's new life started December 19, 2005 and she has since dropped 40+ pounds and boxed away her size 2X scrubs! She is insightful and honest sharing the good and bad of this infant phase in her life after WLS. Her recent post is a great look at the first two months of her new life.

In Cee Cee's February 7th post she mentions a common problem in our WLS world - conflicting information. Have you run into that? Her surgeon prescribed VIACTIV calcium soft chews which are calcium carbonate. The general belief on the WLS message boards is WLS patients should ONLY have calcium citrate. This is a passionate topic for many people. In my research I've found clinical studies that can sway the argument either way. My advice to Cee Cee and others is always follow the advice of your surgeon, not the message board chatter, not even what Kaye says! Your surgeon has your medical records, your blood work and he knows your body intimately. Always follow the advice of your physician.

Cee Cee - you are doing great and I enjoy the things you share! Keep up the good work and the good blog!

Over at Plow Hazard Jenn is on the homestretch with only 30 more pounds to lose. I think Jenn should open a lemonade stand because she has an uncanny ability to take life's lemons and make lemonade. I am awed and inspired by each post she shares with us. Way to go Jenn! Go visit her and be sure to link to this post to see some great pictures of one terrific lady.

For a peek into a frantic life go see TriMom at Who Moved My Cheese? I can hardly keep up with this gal - she is on the go and moving fast. She has recently changed her blog to focus on her training towards a more active life that involves swimming, skiing and future fame in the triathlon. Check her out for some laughs and motivation. TriMom's hubby is a few weeks behind her with his own WLS - they are a WLS team.

Now, I am sad to report Melissa, AKA Big Grandma, has gone missing. Perhaps she is showing off her new body on the black sand beach of Punaluu Hawaii. But what I really think is she dropped below the 300 pound mark and is still celebrating her entry into the 2's. Whatever the reason you are missing, Melissa we want you back! Update your blog soon or a bunch of us are coming to Hawaii to look for you! Any volunteers????

And last but never least is our friend Sandi at Sandi's RNY Journey. Sandi is a writer of great talent and brilliant wit - just check out her post titled "hmmm, droopy boobs" for a chance to nod you head and say, "I didn't think it would happen to me either." Next week is her 3-months anniversary and she already has her eyes on size 10 jeans! Way to go Sandi! It hasn't been all cupcakes and roses for Sandi as she suffered a terrible personal loss recently. Yet she marches along doing the best she can with vigilance toward self-evaluation and personal improvement. We can all learn from Sandi.

There are many more fabulous bloggers who I will mention another day. Please everyone, keep up the good blogs, keep sharing, keep us crying and keep us laughing. We are all in this together!

Now if you are writing a blog tell me about it! I'd love to read your story and share with others. Email Me!

Have a GREAT Day!


Anonymous said...

I love all of these bloggs! And Kay put me on the list to go to Hawaii to look for Melissa.

Rose Green

TriMom217 said...

It just tickels me pink when you put a link to my blog in yours! Thanks :)

I'll swim some extra yards for you today :)

Anonymous said...

aww Kaye, thanks so much for the props! i have so much to learn from you all. WLS is wonderful.. yet at times it rides of all emotions under the rainbow. thank you also for the link to the Better Buffalo Wings.. i remember very much readign that entry while i was eating my wings the other day, but said to myself "it'll be safe, since i'll take the skin off and take most of the BBQ off" LOL. wasnt worth it and i dont think i will be trying that anymore.. i guess it was just a head-thing.. chicken is chicken, haha. bless you and have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Here I am! I have been so very depressed and out of sorts. I tend to curl up and hide when that happens. I have been reading the blogs trying my best to get out of it. I have been having difficulty coping with the changes in my body and the feelings that come with it.
I'll try and express myself on my blog. Aloha to you all. Thank you so much for caring about me.