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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bloglovin: A Great Way to Follow Us!

Are you looking for a way to follow the LivingAfterWLS and catch-up on all the great posts in a quick and efficient manner? Check out our feed on Bloglovin' - the best syndicated blog feed app out there. Here's our page: LivingAfterWLS on Bloglovin

You can view us in your browser or download an app for your computer or device. This is how I keep track of the blogs I follow - cannot live without it! Below is the view of latest LivingAfterWLS Blog posts: 

 Why you don't want to miss a day of the LivingAfterWLS Blog:

On Tuesday we featured a 3-part series about the health benefits of including omega-3 fish in the diet after WLS. For people concerned about nutrient absorption (such as gastric bypass patients) this is must-read information. Take a look:

Consumption of fatty fish may improve patient response to Depression Meds
"It may be quite some time before a definitive study such as this is made of weight loss surgery patients. In the meantime we can actively increase our intake of omega-3 fatty acids by increasing our fish intake. At present the American Heart Association provides approved guidelines and suggestions for including fish in a healthy diet. See this article:  FAQ's: Fish and the Heart Healthy Diet. And check out this recipe: Mediterranean Sea Bass.
This terrific series not only broke the news on this new research, it gave you good 411-Information on how much fish to include in your regular diet and how to do it, with a terrific recipe: Mediterranean Seas Bass.

That's why you need to subscribe and that's what you can expect. The LivingAfterWLS blog is now 10-years old, one of the oldest and most consistent WLS blogs in the Blogsphere. And we intend to keep on providing great information you can use to support your healthiest life after WLS.

While you are checking out Bloglovin on the LivingAfterWLS Blog page click the tab to the right of latest posts that says "Similar Blogs."  Here's what you'll get:

Two of the best known WLS blogs, Eggface and Bariatric Foodie are at the top of the list. Subscribe to them as well and enjoy all your quality WLS reading in one daily feed that you can access by email or by app.  There's a reason they call it Bloglovin!

(This is my own enthusiasm and not a compensated post. I am just thrilled to share this tool with you and hope you find it as useful as I do! Thanks for reading along the last 10 years! Kaye).

One more time: the link to LivingAfterWLS Blog on Blog Lovin'!

Just for fun you can catch my off-the-job blog, Crafting with KeepHer and Kaye at this Bloglovin page: KeepHer & Kaye.

Are you on Bloglovin? Post your Bloglovin address to the comments so KeepHer and I and our terrific LivingAfterWLS readers can join you!  I'd love to see what is happening in your world, WLS related or other! As we always say, we are all in this together!

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