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Saturday, October 25, 2014

WLS High Protein Recipes with Fruits & Veggies

On Friday's LivingAfterWLS Blog we discussed the importance of vegetables in the weight loss surgery diet, as these complex carbohydrates provide nutrients and minerals in support of the high protein weight loss and weight maintenance diet. Including veggies and fruit as part of a diet that involves low-volume capacity (tiny stomach don't ya know?) is challenging. I've pulled some of our top recipes from this blog for you to use in meal planning and as examples to spark ideas for including fruit and veggies on your plate. Take a look at some of these favorites!
"So our task, once we have adjusted to the high protein diet, is to include plant carbohydrates as ingredients in our meal preparations; snacks when appropriate, and side dishes when possible." ~ Kaye Bailey

Holiday Side Dishes:  Check out our Cooking with Kaye newsletter from last November for these terrific Vegetable Side Dishes.  Link to our Archive: Cooking with Kaye

Chicken with Apple Stuffing
Take you boneless skinless chicken breast up a notch with moist and healthy fillings tucked inside the breasts to improve flavor and texture while adding variety to our menus. Give these recipes a try and enjoy your lean clean protein in a whole new way.

Egg-Broccoli Custard Bake
This is intended to be a side-dish for most people. But in our WLS world I think it is a perfect main dish. Protein, dairy and veggies. Not to mention delicious flavor. We added salt and pepper at the table, and my husband gave a few shakes of Tabasco sauce. Delicious recipe - and easy!

Warm Soup: Perfect for Autumn Supper
When post-WLS patients discover soup it often becomes their go-to comfort food. Soup is a very effective tool for calming carb cravings and satisfying our emotional need for comfort with food.

Low-Carb Pumpkin & Sausage Soup
A delicious autumnal soup. Use a butternut squash puree if you prefer. You probably want to hide the leftovers of this soup if you are including it in your pouch test - or your spouse and kids will gobble it up when you are not looking.  (Page 126 of the 5DPT Owner's Manual or online here: 5DPT Recipes).

Chile-Rubbed Grilled Scallop Salad
This recipe, which can be cooked on the outdoor grill, really turns up the heat and the flavor. If you prefer use large shrimp in place of the scallops. Or better ySeared Sea Scallops over Wilted Spinach et, cook both scallops and shrimp for a seafood extravaganza. We found the scallops were just as good the second day, served at room temperature atop the salad.

Baked Tangerine Salmon & Asparagus
Can you think of a better or more delicious spring weeknight meal than Baked Salmon and Asparagus? The health benefits of salmon are well-known: health-wise antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids delivered in a succulent meaty high protein serving. Salmon is available year round fresh or frozen, sold whole or cut into steaks or fillets. Salmon is also available flash frozen: look for packages with each portion individually wrapped making it easy to thaw and prepare the precise number of servings. On the side serve asparagus, rich in folate, vitamin C, and dietary fiber. Garnish the plate with a delicious slice or two of tangerine. If you find asparagus difficult-to-digest use a potato peeler to remove the tough stringy outer layer and cook only the tender inside of the stalk.
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