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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Superbowl of Dog Shows

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I know the Winter Olympics have started but the sporting event that will have my attention for the next two days is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show – the World Series/Superbowl of dog shows!

My husband and I are lucky to enjoy the company of Howard, an Old English Sheepdog of remarkable heart and joy. Howard will be twelve on Thursday.

I know many of you are dog lovers. Kim has three Golden Retrievers, Andie Jamari has Bichons, Julie has a Black Lab, and Corgimom has, of course, Corgis!

So let’s hear from you dog lovers! Who is your pick to win the big silver bowl at this year’s WMKC Dog Show? My vote is for the Old English Sheepdog, of course!


Anonymous said...

Our dogs are pound pups but I always love to see the cocker spaneils - they remind me of hula dancers.

Rose Green

Jenn said...

I have no idea who might win, but thanks for posting this! I had no idea it was upon us already! The Keeshond, of course, won't even be pulled into the finalists of the non-sporting group.

Kim S. said...

The dog show! Ah, and how it relates to WLS? Let me tell you...

As a formerly Super Morbidly Obese person, handling a dog was not only a physical challenge, but a challenge to the judge. It was hard for my big body to not be a distraction to my dog that was being shown. The handler is there to showcase their animal...tough to do when you're trying to "run" around the ring without toppling over. If you are watching the show tonight, you'll see that the majority of the handlers are dressed to perfection and they are fit as a fiddle. Sure there are a few that are overweight, but not many. As for the order to win, they must be in "working condition". This means that they must have well developed muscles, good coat condition and an alert expression. Hmm...sounds like my OWN personal goal! How do you get your animal to this level of perfection? Lots of exercise, a well balanced diet with a variety of fresh foods and supplements added and plenty of training. Again, sounding pretty familiar, eh? We should all be winners of our own personal "Westminster".
Kim Stover
and her three show Goldens!

Anonymous said...

I love to watch Westminster! I have a Briard named Baxter so the herding group is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

We have a Schipperke, most ppl don't know what that breed is. Look for them on the show. They are great little pets!