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Thursday, October 13, 2005

1 Dozen Egg-cellent Recipes for LAWLS

Have you ever grown so tired of a single food you couldn’t stand to see it? You didn’t want it in your kitchen, on your plate or in your mouth? That’s what happened with me and the egg. The harmless chicken egg: perfect bariatric food. Not long ago I felt if I ever saw another egg again I would certainly go egg-insane!

Such began my egg recipe odyssey. I needed new and improved healthful, flavorful ways to cook and eat eggs. I needed a break from my steady friend the hard-boiled egg and I needed new life for my eggs. I want them in my healthy weight maintaining diet and I need them. But I also want and need them to be different – a little more flavor and variety, a little more excitement. I went in search of “egg-cellent” egg recipes. My criteria: quick, simple, flavorful and healthy.

Today, my LivingAfterWLS friends, I present the twelve best recipes. One-Dozen. Enjoy them. Use them. Eat well my “egg-tra” special friends.

  • Oven-Scrambled Eggs

  • Seafood Scramble

  • Scrambled Eggs on Caramelized Onions

  • Harvest Omelet

  • Buenos Dias Squares

  • Take-Along Breakfast

  • Café Frittata

  • Egg-Broccoli Custard Bake

  • Turkey Tarragon Quiche

  • Corn Scrambled Pockets

  • Confetti Scramble

  • Ham and Vegetable Torta
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